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Enterprise Broadband

Enterprise Broadband

Sharing partnership with Google and Akamai, DNA assists to increase exceptional speed in connectivity to gather content and surf which is availed by all clients. Google being a dominant and widely used search engine makes it great provider for content. It helps:

  • Transfer of huge file attachments to send on Gmail - download or upload
  • View Ultra HD and HD videos or in 3D online without loading.
  • Prompt connection to Google Earth and Google Map.
  • An immediate connectivity to favorite all-inclusive sites on Akamai Cloud.
  • Live World Cup Football to watch online along with ICC World Cup in clear accuracy with Akamai.
  • Quick connectivity with Hotstar, different Live TV Apps, Apple as well as Microsoft.

Do you know?

  • An optical fiber connection is established that possesses an aptitude of 10 Gbps speed by DNA. The fiber connection maintains it speed up to Google’s Data Center which is based at Prabhadevi located in Mumbai.
  • At DNA’s Virar NOC, Akamai occupies its server farm. This assures to heighten the expectation of the user's experience in surfing of GBPS Clients.
  • DNA supplies an easy and fast link to Akamai, Google along with Youtube with a connecting speed of 30 Mbps regardless of the plan selected.
  • Users enjoy the speed of 30 Mbps when connecting to Google and watching Youtube videos as well as Akamai. Irrespective of internet subscription plan, all users enjoy this value-added service.
  • For the 30 Mbps speed, no additional costs are to be borne by clients. This outstanding endeavor by DNA ensures that we satisfy customers and match expectations.
DNA Dhanraj started services in Satara, Maharashtra
Internet service provider in Pune, Pimpri, Chinchwad and Nigdi